Friday, August 22, 2008


On the Campaign...

Obama has chosen his VP running mate; we are merely waiting for it to leak to the media.

Both candidates need to fix major shortcomings with their VP picks.
Yo-Bama needs someone to give him Foreign Policy Chops. If he has picked an empty suit as light as himself, he has squandered his opportunity and maybe his chances.

As the New York Times writes today (as I wrote yesterday, and previewed several weeks ago on-the-air), Delaware Senator Joe Biden is the only prominent candidate who fills this bill.

And because he does, Obama foes (like Me), ought to fear Biden: he is tough, accomplished, and has more foreign policy experience than any other five people in politics.

Yes, he is a liberal...but doesn't really play like one.
And, Yes, he has a long history of foot-in-mouth disease, including at least one infamous case of plagarism that caused him to quit his first Pres campaign...but the media will love him and give him a clean slate.

Next only to Hillary Clinton, Biden could help turn Obama's campaign around.

Let's hope Yo-Bama has not shown the political acumen to have picked Joe Biden.

More as news breaks....



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