Friday, August 29, 2008


JAYLY NEWS...On The Campaign

This is one of those days the establishment media all seem to running one story, all with the same words: How Proud We All Are That A Black Man Is A Candidate For President.

And it is true.
I am proud, as we all should be.
But it also behooves me as a white citizen to be Releived - because the crimes and legacy of slavery and racism prevented until 2008 a black man or woman being seriously considered for the Presidency.
So it's about time.

Meanwhile, this historic racial/cultural nature of this momentus event is in danger of papering-over a crucial fact: the USA has finally nominated a black man - BUT NOT A QUALIFIED ONE.

The day to rruly celebrate will be when a black man or woman ACTUALLY QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT is nominated.

Barack Hussein Obama is not.

So celebrate, by all means.
But the fact is, Obama's is, in effect, largely a racial token candidacy.



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