Tuesday, August 26, 2008


JAYLY NEWS...On The Campaign

Hillary Clinton still wants to be President.
The soonest she can do this is 2012.
Byt the soonest she can help make it happen is tonight.

Actually, Hillary cannot do it - "it" meaning sabotage Obama - herself, openly.
On this she will rely on her fanatics.
The only question is How Much Sour Grapes is Too Much Sour Grapes?

For Hillary to be President, ever, Obama must lose, now.
But Hillary cannot, a la the felonious Rose law firm criminal billing records, have her fat fingerprnts all over it.
So Hillary and Bill will use their powers in every way possible to hurt Obama's chances, help McCains.

But tonight, for Hillary herself, it will be all sweetness and loyalty and Unity.
"Obama must win and we must help him" she will say...as she ponders the most effective way to stick the big political knife in Obama's
back. And you thought Michelle Obama was a good actress Monday night?

The 2012 Clinton Presidential Campaign begins tonight.



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