Sunday, August 24, 2008


JAYLY NEWS...On The Campaign

Meet the Press, R.I.P.

Did you see/hear it?

What a Digrace.

I know Tim Russert did not play Softball.
Tom Brokaw Does.

I know Tim Russert did not believe Meet the Press was a forum for televised sex acts.
Tom Brokaw Does.

Not since Monica Lewinsky last visited the Oval Office has one democrat serviced another like Brokaw did Caroline Kennedy - and on a Sunday morning, no less!.

It was embarrassing to watch, and an affront to the institution of Meet the Press, NBC News, Journalism, and the memory of Tim Russert - who always endeavored to honor those traditions.

Did Brokaw and Kennedy light up a cigarette after the "interview"?
Oh - wait - tobacco (as opposed to propaganda) is not allowed on television, right?

From Meet the Press to Press the Meat.



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