Thursday, August 21, 2008


On July 31, I wrote in this space that I do not believe Hillary Clinton is politically deceased until I see the body (brutally unappetizing though that thought is).

And the current under-performance of the Yo-Bama campaign might force him to produce that body, live, next to him, holding hands aloft as running mates next week.

Yes, HRC as a VP would be a colossal problem for YO-Bama.
But Yo-Bama may have topped out - especially among white voters - creating a need to break this thing wide open.

And nothing is as wide as Hillary.

Who else would make this ticket guaranteed Page One news every day until Nov?

Would HRC alienate Independents, some Dems, and energize Repubs?
But the blockbuster surprise announcement, Clinton's presence on the ticket, and of course the media orgy accompanying it could be the Only pick that would blow this thing open for Yo-Bama.

He doesn't want her on the ticket. He certainly doesn't want her in the White House. He doesn't want to use a food-taster for 4 or 8 years. He doesn't want to suffer Bill.

But Yo-Bama Does want to win.
Badly enough that he could still put fatso on the ticket.

I know, I probably won't happen.

But it still could.

These blogs resume as of today.
Hear you on the radio Monday, B+B.



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