Monday, August 25, 2008


JAYLY NEWS....On The Campaign

My time on and in media has coincided with Hillary Clinton's time in national politics. From the start, and for all this time, I have called her - in private and in public - exactly what all candid people call her: a Bitch.

In fact, I cannot imagine Anybody, Clinton friend and foe alike, honestly answering the following sentence "Hillary Clinton is a real ________." with a word other than "Bitch."

For this, I - and, perhaps, you - have been universally scorned. Various national media have quoted my calling Hillary Clinton a Bitch as proof that I am neither a serious political nor media commentator, but am surely an awful human being.

So, gee, imagine my delight (and absolutely zero surprise) when I read this morning the respected Roger Simon's ( history of the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Fascinating stuff - including the news that "top Clinton campaign staffers" regularly referred to Hillary as A Bitch.

In fact, they adopted the unofficial campaign slogan "maybe she's a bitch because she's so competent!" True story.

Gotta go now - running out to buy the Boston Globe (et. al.), read my e-mail from NPR (et. al.), so I can see their apologies...and of course their stories damning the Top Clinton Staffers, her closest day-to-day associates, for regularly calling Hillary, as I always have, and do, A Bitch.

Schweet Vindication!

It's so fun being right.



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