Sunday, April 27, 2008


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Talk about the gift(s)-that-keep-on-giving: the America-hating pinhead racist "Rev" Wright AND race pimp "Rev" Al Sharpton.

Evidently - and ironically - there IS a God!

Only amateurs (and Obama apologists, see: Sunday's Meet The Press) believe that anything Wright now says matters at all; the Fact that Wright has re-emerged from under his slimy rock, to provide a pretext for the endless media replay of his vile beliefs/remarks, it a crippling blow to Obama, thus the Democrats, hence a gift to America!

Even Wright's "corrections" - to a somber and ludicrously sympathetic Bill Moyers on PBS - are, per se, making matters worse. The more this imbecile speaks, the more votes Democrats lose! Schweet!

And our old friend "Rev" Al Sharpton gloms onto the (entirely justified) NYC police use-of-deadly-force case to refresh his Race Pimp credentials.
"The racist cops did it!"
How odd, then, that ALL THREE cops who fired their weapons were either Black or Hispanic. Which are the KKK? The African American cops? The Latino cop? Both?

Sensible people (i.e. who hold jobs, pay taxes, are not incarcerated, speak English, etc.) appreciate THE ONLY QUESTION in such circumstances is "Was The First Shot Justified?".
If so, ALL subsequent shots fired were justified. A good shooting.
This first shot was.
All the others were.

And Sharpton's very visible and sickenginly familiar role - hey, guy's gotta eat, right? - as "family spokesman" is another tired, hateful act that spins another million votes from the left to the right.

Both Wright and Sharpton are clearly significant gifts from the god of our choice.
Thank you!

Can we Please get televised prime-time Dem Convention speaking slots for these men of the cloth? Be worth two million votes....Against Them!

Bon champs, Padres!



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