Sunday, April 13, 2008



First came The Reverend Wright Bomb.

And only Obama supporters of Totally Blind Faith - or the Blind - still believe this association did not damage their candidate, perhaps on the level of a mortal wound, with key white middle class voters.

Now comes Obama's breathtaking arrogance - and, plausibly, character suicide - as he declared Pennsylvania working class voters are "bitter" people who "cling to guns...or religion...or antipathy to people who are not like them...and anti-immigrant sentiment."

You know, Racist Rednecks.

And what you've heard (until now) isn't the worst of it: please note Obama accused voters not supporting him as "ANTI-IMMIGRANT" - which is a lie. What they - we - are is anti-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT".

ILLEGAL, get it?

Funny how the entire mainstream media missed/neglected to mention this crucial distinction.

The awful bigots Obama sees under every bed not his own are not opposed to immigrants - because they descended from immigrants, as are we all - but, again, opposed to Illegal Immigrants.

Meanwhile: "Cling to religion"?! "Antipathy to people not like themselves"?!
This surely solidifies Obama's status as unable to attract many white working and middle class voters - thus Unelectable in a General Election.



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