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Do remember where you first heard these points, would you? These are the Big Issues dominating the Presidential Race Rght Now

Have you noticed that...

1. H Clinton's focus on THE ECONOMY (i.e. It's The Economy, Stupid - B Clinton, circa 1992) is trumping, big time, 0-Bama's weak "HOPE" and "CHANGE" rap? I.E. Blue collar white voters are responding greatly more - and greatly more positively - to her Bottom Line Jobs & Family Finances message than his amorphous, new-age babble, which launched his campaign but which is now running on empty. Obama needs a message overhaul. This Week. Now.

2. H Clinton is a (comparatively) Happy Warrior, to which voters always respond well. 0-Bama is behaving like an angry, which voters also always respond - negatively. Hey, Barack: act like you enjoy this stuff - or you won't have to suffer it much longer.

3. 0-Bama the "Great Unifier" has suddenly become the Great Divider - going from the man who would transcend race to the Race Candidate...which is a Loser.

4. Any/everybody who says "Pennsylvania didn't mean that much/wasn't that much of a boost to Clinton" (i.e. 0-Bama supporters, especially the "objective" "journalists" on Sunday's Meet the "Press") are Whistling Past The Graveyard.

5. Don't look now, but the last time 0-Bama had a victory was FEBRUARY (Wisconsin). PLus: he has failed to win ANY of the country's 10 Most Populous States (incl'd Democrat electoral college must-win venues Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Ohio).
This is createing an image of a candidate slip, slip, slipping away. He needs a big, significant win (i.e. WHITE VOTERS) right now. North Carolina & Indiana next Tuesday would do fine.
Or cripple him.

6. Adding to the pressure on 0-Bama to win Indiana is the fact that 1 of 4 Indiana voters live within/watch/listen to Chicago media - making this a "home game" for Obama. Lose here, and it is almost like losing in his native Illinois. And he might well lose here.

7. Because - and only because - of this extraordinary life & death struggle between the two Democrats, Clinton and 0-bama are being forced to Campaign (i.e. Waste Resources) In Several States Democrats Almost Certainly Lose In The General Election!
Were it not for the need to make tactical gains, headlines about beating each other, both Clinton and 0-Bama would surely have taken a pass on states like North Carolina, and many others, which Republicans historically own. A crippling waste of financial and other major resources needed for a successful general election. Schweet!

8. This one hurts.
The by-product of these primaries - however otherwise harmful for the Democrat candidates and their party - is likely to be substantial gains in new registered voters and, just maybe, voter interest and general turn-out.
Here's the consolation: IF young people and minorities actually turn out on Nov 4th to vote in anything like their numbers in the population it will be The First Time. So, chances are it, as historically usual, Won't Happen.
Here's hoping.

9. Watching Meet the dePRESSsed today was yet another fine example of Why The Maninstream Media So Often Get It Wrong.
The presumably "balanced" panel included four painfully transparent Liberal Democrats, and one correspondent.
The point-of-view expressed (and it was) was openly supportive of the Democrats, and particularly apologist for 0-Bama.
I am here to tell you: THIS is how one gets gets to be a regular guest on network news shows, and reguarlay quoted in the national media - Be Liberal.
(On a personal note: I am especially proud to have for 2o+ years appeared on and been frequently quoted in the most prominent national news media - e.g. CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, PBS, Fox, MSNBC, CNBC, NPR, Boston Globe, New York Times - written op-ed, On Request! - Washington Post, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, interviewed in prime time by Tom Brokaw, etc., etc....and NEVER, EVER compromised my libertarian/conservative viewpioint in order to please anyone, other than Myself and You.)

10. African-American political consultant, CNN analyst, former Clinton operative and Dem Super-Delagate Donna Brazille actually said on television Sunday that the reason Rev Wright is being invited to speak before black religious (and other) groups is because black clergy views criticism of his racist remarks "as an attack on the black church"...that criticizing Rev Wright for his incredibly ignorant, fantastic, hateful, racist beliefs is "hurting race relations"!
Get that: the CRITICISM of Rev Wright is hurting race relations!
Stupid, very public remarks like Dem Super-Delegate Brazille's is an additional factor driving a Huge Wedge between Barack (Hussein) 0-Bama and thoughtful voters white, brown, and black.

These are ten things I know.
They will shape American politics this week and beyond.

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