Sunday, April 13, 2008



Are Obama's rookie mistakes are the gift-that-keeps-on-giving. or what?

Every time Obama seems to have Clinton on, or near, the ropes, he lands a staggering punch..on his own chin.

Obama's Bitter White Voters Who Cling To Religion and Guns slander is going to further alienate white voters, thus breathing new life into Hillary Rodham Frankenstein's campaign just when she most needs it: prior to Pennsylvania and Indiana, where his remarks will hurt him and help her the most.

This almost certainly enables Clinton to struggle along another extra several weeks - eventually losing the nomination race...but long enough to damage Obama with several more weeks of attacks.

Plus - schweet! - Obama's new breathtakingly stupid, elitist, bigoted remarks not only ensure Hillary hangs around longer, erupting at inconvenient times like a case of political herpes, but it also likely hurts him so much more with white voters in key swing states that, once nominated, he cannot win in November.

Not to mention: Obama has wasted and been hurt by a weekend new cycle that features not his positive message but, instead, gives us several days of national news and discussion focusing on
his latest self-inflicted wound!

Does it get better than this?

Stay tuned.



(1) Remember when, just several weeks ago, Obama seemed poised to pull away from Clinton? Remember what stopped him like a head-on collision, breathing new life into Hillary Rodham Frankenstein? Yes - the alienation of millions of white voters by the racist, anti-American Rev Wright. Well, just for those few who weren't offended, these new Bitter White Voyers

Obama's rookie candidacy - and the rookie mistakes it yields - is the gift that keeps on giving for Republicans, and anybody else who wishes Democrats to lose on November 4th.

You can't win without White, Catholic, Blue-Collar voters - especially in but not limited to, rust-belt swing states (e.g. Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, et. al.).

And just in case Rev Wright didn't finish off Obma wth those voters, now

Q: When Obama was pulling away from Clinton, what killed his momentum and maybe kiled his chance to win the general election?

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