Sunday, April 6, 2008



As for the past, oh, 35 years or so, it is a Sunday morning and, like all true civics geeks, I am planted in front of the TV screen watching the Talk Shows.

And, as almost always, I am experiencing High Anxiety caused by something that makes me worry for our Republic in general, and my freedom and money in particular.

Lots of Liberals making a big deal out of B. Hussein O'Bama's vapid pledge - and only campaign issue - of "Change", sometimes, "Hope".
And making Nothing of the fact that the Clintons raked in $50 Million personally in the last few years, and the Clinton Museum/Whore House $ FIVE HUNDRED MILLION - much of it from foreign governments and left wing groups barred from exceeding the $2,300 maximum campaign contribution....but, hey, no problemo!, they are allowed to pay off the Clintons (what else is new?) via the back door.

These liberal mouthpieces are not obscure fringe shut-ins; they are figures like Gov Rendell and US Sen Casey of Pennsylvania, among the media's "most respected democrat strategists" , blah, blah, blah...and they say - and don't say - these alarming things with both a straight face, and the total validation of the "mainstream" media (in this case, the Sunday Morning Program And Host Of Record, NBC/Tim Russert/Meet the Press).

Virtually undiluted socialism - and truly it is - "mainstream".

Meanwhile, with the personal-freedom-death-sentence of confiscatory taxes and the American-culture-malignant-cancer of illegal imigration by far the two most crucial domestic issues of our time (i.e. opposition to both, defeat of both), all three candidates for President are on the wrong side of both: the next President, whomever/whichever party, has a past record and a current fever of support For Higher Taxes and Illegal Immigration. No alternative, no choice. Woe is us.

Then, of course, Meet the Press was Off To The Races, as it were, with a segment on the murder of MLK. (Let me reiterate here, as on the radio, that all decent Americans were and are deeply offended by the murder of anyone because of their ideas, especially public/policy ideas, and most particularly someone whose life was devoted to the non-violent prosecution of human rights...for American citizens!)

But looking forward - in Dr. King's honor, name and memory - with a frank African American Agenda of Socialism is wrong, wrong, wrong. (And ever-likely, inevitable, inevitable, inevitable.)

Now here comes Eric M. Dyson of - where else? - Harvard (home of Loony Lonnie Guanier, she of the "Blacks' Votes Should Count More Than Whites' - really), declaring that Obama's spiritual leader and best bud, the racist cretin "Rev" Wright, is "the new Dr. King." Indeed? Was MLK hiding something big from us - or is this just another Harvard professor off his (race) rocker?

And who's next? Ah, it is Andrew Young, demanding - again, in King's name - race reparations
in the form of "a checking account for every American"! (Yes, of course, paid for by deducting money from YOUR checking account...because the taxes you already pay are too low.) "Not having capital is as eggregious racism as not having the right to vote" I believe Young is hallucinating, now, as I listen, unsurprised.

Oops - can you top this?! Here's Prof Dyson again, seeing and raising Young's idiocy, self-righteously lecturing us on the point that only Barack Obama can Heal The Nation. (I do not feel sick, do you? And if I am symptomatic, the cause is taxes and illegal immigration.)

Wait - here comes Dr. Young again: "we must start dealing with poverty now." What, we haven't trid?! Again: trillions of dollars, the machinery of government, a substantial portion of our GNP (and personal earnings) and forty years of genuine good will have failed to eradicate - or even dent - illigitimacy, illiteracy, drug addiction, poverty. Are we sure More Of The Same is The Answer?

Yes, Yes, Yes! All the left wing taking heads agree. Political Correctness does not merely thrive, does not merely dominate - it chokes out all other viewpoints (which, tragically, just happen to be the Truth).

And off of this - with gruesome irony - on the 100th anniversary of the National Press Club...that august bastion of "Journalism". It is a museum of ancient history.

Just another Sunday Morning Talk Show on the Road to Creeping - no, sprinting! - Socialism.

Excelsior! (Not.)


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