Sunday, July 20, 2008



I don't know about You, but I am much relieved.

Relieved because though I am undergoing rare, delicate eye surgery tomorrow, and my doctor has never been to medical school. knows nothing about eyes other than he has two, he this weekend visited the campus of Harvard Medical School. Whew.

Relieved because though I will stand trial for murder this week, and could be executed if I am found guilty, and my attorney has never before tried a case, never been in a courtroom - but he has this weekend been watching on TV "The Firm" and re-runs of L.A. Law". Excellent.

Relieved because you and I and my family and yours and my country and the civilized world are at war with Islamic Jihadists, and my prospective President has absolutely zero experience with international relations, terrorism or military matters, Barack Hussein Obama is this week playing soldier and statesman. Democrat Obama is dabbling in Terror Tourism, flirting with disaster, dancing with doom, by taking a six day summer vacation to visit war zones he cannot locate on a map, never mind command and control. All better, right?

Yes, an unqualified - nay, Disqualified - left wing fool (make that Tool), a socialist, a pacifist, an appeaser, an Islamic Jihadist apologist with no remote ability to be Commander-in-Chief and President of the United States is making everything alright by playing Accidential Tourist in the world's most dangerous (for Americans) places. Great.

And while nobody - not even journalists - would even pretend to buy the notion that a raw rookie - who, 2 years ago, was still fixing local Chicago parking tickets - should operate on their child, defend their life in court, or command the world's greatest miliary power...they are trying to sell you that, exactly.

Who would, could - never mind should - accept that someone utterly devoid of experience for the world's most demanding job should suddenly qualify by virtue of a six day foreign junket, an obvious media circus?

Answer: Obama and his getaway drivers, the establishment news media, are absolutely confident You will but this radical shiite. They are selling it to us, right now.

Barack Hussein Obama, military and foreign policy moron and left wing puppet - and racist - gets on an airplane, visits some hot zones, shales some hands, a few photo ops, and returns one week later qualified to be President? In what fairy tale? In the headlines and editorials of the Boston Globe, New York Times, CBS News, et. al., that's where.

Not in your dreams, but our collective national nightmare.

You are witnessing Instant World Leader - the wildest phenomenon since Shake N' Bake, the Big Mac and Hamburger Helper.

Leave the airport a military and foreign policy ignoramous - return one week later a cross between Henry Kissenger and General Patton, ready to lead! A seven day wonder! Obama comes home, his foreign policy ticket punched, an expert.

Our Fast-food President.

Who would believe this? Who would trust this? Who would permit this?

As of today, at least 51% of your fellow citizens planning to vote in 100 days.

This is sickness. This is madness.
This is Obamerica.



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