Sunday, July 27, 2008

100 Days


One hundred days remain in the biggest Us versus Them election ever.
I believe survival of reason, of law and order, of our culture, of our country is at stake.
Just like we will never again experience $1.50 per-gallon gasoline, if Obama becomes President neither will ever again see America as we know it.
Here are the most significant current factors influencing the most important election in our history, and our on-air conversation this week.



# Obama, "citizen of the world", chooses foreign audiences over American citizens...negotiates U.S. surrendur with foreign leaders on same soil as our soldiers are dying...Obama slams America in front of America-hating Euros...Obama snubs wounded troops - and lies about it (Obama claims he was asked not to visit military hospital; Pentagon says "false")...reveals intentions to welcome illegals and raise taxes...all in all commits treason in spirit and our bull-dog media Sees, Hears, Speaks No Obama Evil.

# Boston Globe, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Wash Post, et. al. to be named wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Obama campaign.

Is it possible patriotic Americans might finally see in real light this Manchurian Candidate, who favors America-hating Euros over You & Me and visiting our wounded soldiers? Might there be a Barack-lash?
(i.e. Jay Leno says "Congratulations to Barack Obama, who was just elected Chancellor of Germany.")

@ RACE QUOTIENT: As afforementioned...if Obama were white, there is no trip, no story, no candidacy. This is a Total Affirmative Action Candidacy.

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