Monday, July 21, 2008

THE JAY-LY NEWS, Monday July 21


News/Views Today:

@ Will the Real Obama Iraq Policy Please Stand Up?
Attention Move.On.Org: Your guy isn't againt War; he's only against IRAQ war, to make Repubs look bad. Beware: He wants his own war in Afhganistan, et. al.

@ "Bush Accepts Iraq Timeline." (Multiple, 7/21)
Told you so.

@ McCain/Romney?
Rumor heats up during weekend; McCain had better hope so.

@ "Nantucket Police Admit "Excessive Force", Plan Diversity Training"
After a lifetime, I must start looking for a safer vacation place. Nicer to thugs? I will take my money and go elsewhere.

@" Women "Priests" Ex-communucated Themselves"
About time.

@ "Obama Backers Amped Up (Repubs not so much)."

@ "Diversity Office at T Accused of Bias"
As if.

@ "France and Switzerland Limit Citizenship"
Finally, something about them to admire.

@ "Ohio Orders Bob Barr Onto Ballot." (Mutliple, 7/20)
McCain's kiss of death?

@ Black Hawk Still Down: Somalis Continue To Starve/Kill Each Other
Wicked shocker.

@ People in Debt: Not Their Fault "It takes 2 to Tango"!!!

@ John Mellencamp's new album "Brave"
I rest my case v. NYT.

@ "Immigrant Jailed..."
As in "that is bad".

@ "Activists Yearn for 'True Liberal' Justice"
Not summer fiction, I swear.


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