Thursday, September 4, 2008



Here's one thing about Sarah Palin I don't like so much.
And, if you are a Mitt Romney fan, as I am, you won't like it either.

It kills me to think this, let alone have to talk about it, but here it is:
With the overnight emergence of Sarah Palin as a conservative darling, who is now likely to be the favorite for the next Republican nomination, Mitt or Sarah?

Consider: if McCain wins, Sarah Palin is Vice President, for one or two terms. Is it not logical when the big seat opens up, she will go for it? Would she not by definition be the favorite?

If McCain loses, Sarah Palin is not Vice President - but she becomes, almost automatically, a 2012 favorite, right?

Point being, Win or Lose, is not Sarah Palin likely to be in a position - at least equal to Mitt - to claim "favorite" status for the next Republican campaign?

No Question: The Question for us Mitt loyalists is just how profoundly will McCain's selection of Sarah Palin impact our guy's national political stock?


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