Tuesday, September 2, 2008


THE JAYLY NEWS....Tuesday p.m.

"Change", thy name(s) art McCain/Palin!

Behold the brilliant jiu-jitsu the Republican ticket is fashioning:

America wants Change.
Obama offers Change - but SCARY, RADICAL CHANGE (see: William Ayers, Rev Wright, Miclehe Obama, et. al.).
Sensing this, McCain - already well established as Maverick (pre-Change Change), brings onto the stage Sarah Palin, a reformer, a Mom, a hunter, a real Feminist.
Everything about McCain-Palin says Change, as in "Reform".
Obama stills says Change, as in "Revolution".
McCain, co-opting Change - right our from under Obama's turned-up nose.

Which Change do you believe will capture 51% of the vote (in America)?

62 Days is From Here To Eternity.
But this Change just might work.


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