Friday, September 5, 2008


JAYLY NEWS.........Friday a.m.

Were Sarah Palin a broadway show she'd be My Fair Lady, and you couldn't get a ticket - she would, after her opening night, be Sold Out.

Were John McCain a broadway show he'd be Death of a Salesman, and you couldn't get a ticket - because, after his opening night, he would be Closed.

John McCain's speech was poorly written, poorly delivered and largely poorly received - a snoozer, a bore, a bomb, REM TV.
Had it not been for the Enthusiasm Momentum carried over from Palin's speech, all in that convention hall would have in a coma. (And P.S.: the wild - virtually only - appaluse, in the final 60 seconds, was obviously choreographed in advance - it had Noting to do with what McCain was saying. Watch the clip; it is painful.)

Imagine if now, with the Palin Convention behind them, all they had to offer was The John McCain Show? The only way to sell it would be "Survivor 2008: Can McCain Tread Water for 61 Days and Live?"

Republicans must know this.

NOW see how inspired - and necessary - a pick was Sarah Palin?

She is a Life-Preserver for McCain.
The question is whether she can be a Life-Saver.



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